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2021 marks a new era for us – a new way of thinking. We integrate music, art, dance,  dialogue, education, social causes, business, fashion, empowerment, and  entertainment all into one social stream of conciousness that we collectively call THE CULTURE. Our seasonal lineups offer opportunities for you to totally immerse yourself in a utopia of monthly, artful weekend experiences that will  entertain, engage, and challenge you.


Regardless of the season and diversity of the content, our objective is the same.  We aim to:


  • provide an opportunity for lovers of the arts to enjoy quality, affordable, multi-cultural entertainment and related educational content
  • provide a recurring stream of art-related content which supports the forward movement of cultural diversity and integration within the Downtown Durham Community 
  • provide a platform for emerging, independent artists to showcase their talent and collaborate with other artists and business professionals
  • create an opportunity for local, multi-cultural entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase their resource pool, learn, share, and grow 
  • support organizations who are making a difference in the community by shedding light on their cause and by supporting their fund-raising initiatives 
  • support a new way of thinking about art and entertainment and their integration with empowerment, community, expression, and culture 
  • make Durham a recognized leader in sustained multicultural art and entertainment programming by attracting  visitors, likewise increasing  the economic development of the Downtown Durham Community 



Spring Series * March – June * Every Third Weekend 

Fresh Fruit  

Festival of The Arts, Thought, and Culture 

Celebrate . Soul.  Lifestyle. 

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Summer Series * July – September * Every Third Weekend

Beats N’ Bars; Hogs N’ Cigars

Festival of The Arts, Thought, and Culture

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Emerge * Unite * Flow



Juneteenth Weekend

June 17-19, 2020

Festival of The Arts, Thought, and Culture


Juneteenth Block Party Celebration





Fall Event * October * October 15 -17

Express Yourself 

Festival of The Arts, Thought, and Culture

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Remember * Rhythm *  Diversity.


Winter Event * December * December 6-12

Fashion, Art, & Culture Week

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CONCENERGY: Immerse *  Innovate  * Commemorate